Appellate Litigation Attorneys in Madison, MS

The attorneys at Gladden & Ingram have substantial experience in appellate practice. Our attorneys are licensed to appear before the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and the Federal Circuit, the Supreme Court of Mississippi, and the Court of Appeals of the State of Mississippi. We are frequently called upon to brief complex or dispositive matters at the trial court and appellate court level. By serving as trial counsel and appellate counsel, we add a valuable key component to the appellate process by actual participation in the development of strategy for the presentation and briefing of key issues, assuring that an adequate record is made, fashioning and writing persuasive arguments on central legal issues, and being involved in the entire process of perfecting an appeal.

With oral argument playing another key component in the appellate process, it is important that the attorneys arguing the appeal have been involved in the entirety of the litigation so that all necessary issues are addressed and all questions posed by the appellate panel can be responded to with knowledge of the specific facts and legal issues of the case. However, when necessary, the attorneys of Gladden & Ingram can be called upon to take over a case after a trial verdict has been handed down and handle it through the appellate process. In this situation, we will work closely with prior counsel and the client to ensure all issues to be addressed on appeal are properly raised.

Please contact the attorneys at Gladden & Ingram so that we can help you with all of your appellate needs.