Insurance Bad Faith

Bad Faith litigation in Mississippi has evolved recently into claims yielding large settlements and jury verdicts when the claim is not properly investigated and defended. Gladden & Ingram has developed a well-known and highly respected Bad Faith Defense practice representing national and multinational insurers in coverage and bad faith cases, from single plaintiff cases to multiple-party and mass actions. Our attorneys provide the full spectrum of services, from skilled analysis and opinions of policies to claims defense in litigation.

The attorneys at Gladden, Ingram & Taylor represent insurers in high-stakes and contentious litigation throughout Mississippi, often involving very significant alleged exposure to our clients, sophisticated legal issues, considerable factual and expert discovery, multiparty dynamics, multiple lines of current and historic coverages, and complex jurisdictional battles. We also are selected by insurers to defend insureds in certain tort litigation. At Gladden & Ingram, we strive to create unique litigation strategies and work to see each matter to conclusion, whether to a bench or jury trial, on appeal, by summary judgment motions, or through mediation, settlement, or other form of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Our attorneys are experienced with policies of all types, including primary and excess insurance and first-party and third-party policies. Regularly, we work closely with our clients on new policy wordings and products as the legal interpretations of our Court changes. The attorneys at Gladden & Ingram are also experienced in performing a variety of audits for self-insureds and insurers. Our attorneys also counsel on claims management and risk reduction. Our effective strategies for negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation seek the best results for each client during our representation of them.

Our attorneys also work with our insurance clients and address all types of direct insurance matters that involve a wide variety of insureds, numerous types of underlying claims, significant technical and financial issues, and sophisticated legal analyses and strategies.

Please contact the attorneys at Gladden & Ingram so that we can get started helping you overcome the Bad Faith Claims and turn your actions into Good Faith Handling of your insured’s claim.