Insurer Examination Under Oath

In many situations, the need arises for an Examination Under Oath (EUO) to be taken on behalf of an insurance company of an insured who has made a claim for coverage and damages under his or her insurance policy. Founded upon Gladden & Ingram’s strong litigation skills and trial experience, each of our attorneys has conducted numerous EUOs on behalf of our insurance clients. At the conclusion of the examination, our attorneys have been successful in resolving disputed claims and have also seen claimants completely forego the continuation of their claim against the insurance company.

If a claimant chooses to forego resolution of his or her claim and subsequently files a formal lawsuit, the attorneys at Gladden & Ingram have experience in continuing the representation of the insurance company throughout the litigation, at trial, and though the appellate process, if necessary. The attorneys at Gladden & Ingram have experience in handling EUOs in a variety of insurance claims involving questionable claims in automobile, homeowner, casualty, theft, and fire claims.

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