Outside General Counsel

In today’s economy, some corporate entities are unable to maintain a staff of attorneys to address the corporate needs on a daily basis. However, those corporations often need the expert advice of an attorney to address their needs. The attorneys at Gladden & Ingram offer Outside General Counsel services by undertaking corporate representation for a fixed price for all general corporate services that in-house attorneys normally perform at larger organizations.

These corporations can depend on the accessibility of legal counseling at affordable prices by multiple attorneys familiar with the issues that may arise in the context of the operation of their business. This fixed-price type of representation is based on a certain number of dedicated hours per month at a discount from our normal hourly rates. Gladden & Ingram can carefully customize a package of retainer-based services to the individual company’s needs. The scope of these services may include:

  • Review of the company’s basic organic documents
  • Contract review and standardization
  • Labor and employment audits
  • Risk Management Issues
  • Employee benefits counseling

Beyond day-to-day operations, Gladden & Ingram provides expanded representation, as needed, related to the continual evolution of a client’s business. For major matters involving litigation, we can build into the retainer a predetermined amount of preliminary preparation time and then bill additional services at our hourly rates.

Gladden & Ingram’s Outside General Counsel program offers a small or mid-sized company a viable opportunity to partner with business and legal counselors who are thoroughly familiar with, and can help shape, the organization’s structure, operation, and growth objectives. Our attorneys possess exceptional legal skills and experience and can craft innovative business solutions that make bottom-line sense. By doing so, we can provide the responsiveness and commitment that companies expect of their in-house attorneys.

Please contact the attorneys at Gladden & Ingram so that we can help you with all of your general counsel needs.