Premises and Security Liability Lawyers in Madison MS

Premises liability cases may range from slips and falls with minor injuries to major, high-profile cases alleging inadequate or negligent security resulting from crimes such as shootings and other assaults. Particularly in the larger populated areas of the state, such as Hinds County, lawsuits against apartment complexes, eating establishments, and other businesses have become some of the most frequently litigated cases over the past several years.

Having defended literally hundreds of such premises liability cases at businesses across the state, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to litigate every aspect of these type cases. Additionally, over the past several years, the firm has garnered a reputation with a specialty in defending major cases of violence against invitees of businesses. Due to the nature of these cases, successful defense of a business requires not only experience in the law of premises security, but also an extensive criminal activity in the area of the alleged event, and an immediate response by defense counsel to conduct an accurate investigation and ensure that all evidence is maintained. Having litigated numerous cases alleging negligent security, our firm is prepared to litigate cases with even the highest potential for exposure, through trial, if necessary.

In addition to general premises liability and negligent security litigation, our firm also has extensive experience defending cases against security companies and security guards, alleging negligence, inadequate training, excessive force, etc. These cases involve any number of fact scenarios from security at major events to local parking lot security. Having represented the largest security firm in the world in litigation in Mississippi for several years, the firm has had great success with such cases on the trial and appellate level.