Transportation Litigation Lawyers in Madison MS

The attorneys at Gladden & Ingram have a great deal of experience handling all types of commercial motor vehicle accidents.  Also, as a member of the Trucking Insurance Defense Association (, the attorneys of Gladden & Ingram stay current with the emerging issues in this area of law.  Our representation has included individuals, commercial entities, and local and nationwide trucking companies. Our attorneys are available anytime – day, night, weekend, or holiday – to immediately assist any of our clients in the time-critical assessment and investigative responsibilities that arise the moment any accident happens. We have learned that when our attorneys are alerted immediately about an accident, valuable evidence, witness statements, and other relevant information are gathered that is critical to the defense of these claims. If called upon, the attorneys at Gladden & Ingram will be there to investigate and, where needed, contact necessary experts and have them on the scene as quickly as possible to complete a thorough investigation and accident reconstruction to aid in the defense of the claims arising out of these accidents. Our clients find that we take accidents as seriously as they do. Whether we are retained immediately or when a claim is made, we have the experience and knowledge that we need to get the information our client will need to defend itself. The attorneys at Gladden & Ingram have experience in handling all types of commercial motor vehicle accidents including:

  • Mass freeway pileups
  • Rollovers and improperly loaded or secured trailers
  • Brake failures
  • Road rage
  • Bridge collisions
  • Diesel fuel-hazardous material spills
  • Right-turn squeeze collisions
  • Cargo claims
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Discrimination and retaliation claims
  • Death and catastrophic injuries
  • Fraudulent soft-tissue back and neck claims
  • Owner operator leases
  • Brokers and freight forwarders
  • Federal leasing regulations
  • MCS-90 and insurance coverage issues
  • Hours of service violations
  • Punitive damage claims

We strive to provide the highest levels of professional service to our clients struggling to make sense of a terrible accident. We are always available to talk with our clients and their drivers to provide them with educated and resourceful responses that make it easier to understand the nature of the pending claim or litigation and how to overcome the many challenges that will accompany such a claim or litigation. Our extensive experience representing trucking companies and drivers is a unique asset we offer our clients. The advantage of our firm is a deep understanding of the world of commercial motor vehicle regulations and the thousands of day-to-day scenarios that influence how a case may turn out.

Please contact the attorneys at Gladden & Ingram so that we can get started helping you with your transportation law needs.