Worker's Compensation Attorneys in Madison MS

Suffering an injury at work or death at work in Mississippi impacts the hurt worker as well as their family, friends and the employer.  Most employers in Mississippi are required to secure workers’ compensation insurance or self-insurance.  One of the most common mistakes made after getting hurt at work is that an injured worker or the employer fails to report the injury.

The failure to report an injury may lead to delays, confusion and disagreements between the injured worker, the employer and the insurance carrier.

The purposes of Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Insurance are to:
1.    Pay injured workers or their family cash money for the disability resulting from the injury or death;
2.    Pay for the necessary medical treatment related to the work injury; and
3.    Encourage the injured worker to return to work.

Cash payments for disability are limited by Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Law, but the injured worker is entitled to reasonable medical treatment related to the injury as long as the injured worker is alive.

Workers’ comp disputes arise over whether an injury, disability or medical treatment are legitimate or necessary.  These disputes are resolved at the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission and often times involve workers’ compensation experts (employer medical evaluations and independent medical examinations).

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